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Nama:Tommy Oliver Hinted?! [Power Rangers 2017 Extended Scene] #POWERRANGERSMOVIE
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Am 18.06.2017 veröffentlicht

Tommy Oliver hinted in a Extended scene from Power Rangers 2017 movie, maybe it's just a nod to the character. For everybody that is confused and don't see anything relevant to Tommy or the Green Ranger, at 0:21 you see a student walking up the stairs, what stands out the most about this person is that he is CLEARLY wearing mostly GREEN, and you know in the "Power Rangers" universe, color scheme is really important, to show their which ranger they are to the audiences, and the director and everyone working on the film that if they put someone in the film wearing all green, people are going to talk. Theories will be everywhere and that person who is wearing GREEN in a "Power Rangers" film is Tommy Oliver aka The Green Ranger. Also why is that character alone and takes 7 seconds of screen time which is a lot for a extra , why couldn't he be in the scene with all the other students, why does he stands out. Yes that person may not be Tommy because he hasn't been casted yet and we don't know the gender they are going to go with unless they already casted which is very unlikely. Also why are they making us focus on Kimberly facial expression and her looking at that person like she's checking him out as in the original TV series, when Kimberly checks Tommy out when he first came on the show which causes a relationship together. They probably took out this scene so people not to think this is the guy that will be playing Tommy. So this may or not be Tommy but it does causes some theories. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FOR THIS VIDEO! APPRECIATES ALL OF YOU GUYS!

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Dipublikasikan:18 Juni 2017
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